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Hangmouse is a great vocabulary game.

 HangMouse, is a kid-friendly version of the ever popular Hangman Game.  Your child chooses one of the hundreds of categories available, then fills in the blanks, letter-by-letter.  Each mistaken guess wakes a sleepy feline more until he finally is alert enough to catch the mouse.  Correct answers bring a congratulations message and a grateful mouse!  Games such as Hangmouse build skills in spelling, word decoding, and logic skills. 

The mouse's cousin btw is EdMouse, the Educational Mouse

Ed Mouse was created to represent Time4Learning..... More about Ed Mouse's Creation:

The idea of a Cartoon Character
Early Character Sketches
Ed becomes aCartoon Mouse
Featured Story Boards
How far can this animated character go?

 And both Ed & HangMouse like to hang in the coolest metropolis yet: SpellingCity.comundefined